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   Asphalt Patching Methods:

   When area's of pavement deteriorate and need to be repaired A&Z Asphalt corrects the problem with one of two methods.


1. Overlay Patching - is recommended when the underlying base is structurally sound and is typically used on depressed
    surfaces. This process is accomplished by cleaning the existing pavement , applying a tack coat (asphalt based glue), and
    applying hot mixed asphalt. The new asphalt is then rolled and compacted. Because the overlay patch is placed on top
    of the existing pavement, the finished surface may be slightly higher than the existing surface. The edges are blended in,
    or feathered as much as possible.


2. Full Depth Patching - is used for more severe deterioration, especially when the underlying base has been affected.
    The damaged area's are squared off and saw cut and excavated to a depth of 2 inches
    to 2 feet depending on the sub-surface conditions. New aggregate is then added, if required, and compacted in preparation
    for the new asphalt. Finally the new hot mix asphalt is leveled and compacted.

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